Pablo Miranda
Pableins | ME

Pableins | ME


Hello all!)) My name is Pablo

I’m a software engineer from Quito, Ecuador.

I love to read 📚 listen to music\podcasts 🎧 and drink coffee ☕️.

  • ♟️Like to play Chess even if it is online
  • 🏠 Currently living in Quito, Ecuador
  • 📖 Reading “Life Is What You Make It” by Peter Buffett

I started off by playing around with the computer years ago (just before windows 3.1) then a bit serious with IBM’s manual and DOS, is quite interesting how focus can change in an instant.

hocus pocus

I remember wanting to install Hocus Pocus game and run into an error -zipped file- and it was the first time in which I had to do such thing -always was straight from floppy- before installing a game. So I got introduced to ‘pkunzip’ -if I remember correctly- and after that I started wondering:

What else can I do?

So I jumped back into that IBM manual -encyclopedia almost- learnt and worked with DOS 6, that way I mainly stayed at the console and only moved to GUI on Windows XP. Now for “programming” started with batches on DOS then Turbo-C and finally Visual Studio 6 with VB for about a year.

I have had such a peculiar experience with .NET and C#. At first I didn’t like the GUI so I stayed at the console until Windows XP was available and used it until 2010-2012, besides XP I only used Windows 2000 Professional for administration stuff, back then I started using CentOS -my fav distro- this went back to back with windows for administration as I used to replicated things I learnt on both, since then when I had to do something on C I would choose to do it on Linux.

Now tools for development, my all time favourite was C# with Windows XP and Visual Studio 2012, this combination I used constantly up to 2020, it was the only VM I had on my MacBook 2012 to work with Windows Forms and anything related to Microsoft’s products. Since 2012 my main OS has been either macOS or fedora and used Windows when needed.

I started using .NET Core on Red Hat at first and eventually moved completely to macOS when it was supported so the key is to adjust to whatever comes. Since Jan 2021 I focus almost exclusively on Apple’s ecosystem on M1 so no Windows VM for the moment, only Swift on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.